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My entrepreneurial journey started with my personal experience. As a fest lover, each year, I spend a substantial amount of my hard-earned savings on music festivals. After attending several festivals, I noticed a pattern – to make the most of my upcoming festival experience, I spent innumerable hours researching multiple platforms and engaging with fest-goers. I was present on several community forums, chat groups, social media channels, and news platforms to gather the information that I needed.

The challenge? There was no single platform that consolidated all the information I was seeking, and the content overload was pretty overwhelming. I was also wary of spending my money based on recommendations from sources that weren’t credible and feared becoming a victim of a marketing gimmick (no Fyre like experience, please!). Clearly, my sanity was at stake. Enter Worldwide Fests – a platform I envisioned to empower fest goers like me.

The goal of Worldwide Fests is to help fest goers to not only discover the best of music fests in the world but make the most of their festival experience!

The success and credibility of this platform rests on YOU – THE FEST LOVER. Your real, unbiased recommendations can help make a fellow fest lover’s experience truly memorable. Let’s come together to share our experiences.


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